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For Press inquiries about IV Decals™ and the creation of Little Love Medical

please contact us at:

​​IV Decals™ featured & loved at the following Hospitals:


“I LOVE my IV Decals. I get so many compliments when I walk around the clinic with them on!”

“Emma used her new decals today... they were a big hit! <3 mom"

"We get admitted on Monday. Can't wait to check these [IV Decals] out!"

"I always think, man they should make these things [IV bags] more fun! so Cool!"
"This is by far the coolest thing I've ever come across! Such an amazing concept!"
"That's awesome! I'm not only a cancer mom but also an RN. I would love to see those on all iv bags. How fun!"

-Patients & Families

"Bright Designs spruce up stark hospital rooms!"

"IV Decals by Little Love Medical are such a lovely endeavor."

"Little Love Medical, a collection of fun stickers that go over IV bags
- immediately making something that's ugly, fun."


"Make the mood a little brighter in the hospital with IV Decals."


"Medicine with a little love!"

-Good Practice Magazine

"Design that gives a smile, even in the hospital."


"IV Decals promote aesthetic healing
and personal style while in the hospital."

-Get Addicted To

"The final product turns a rather intimidating bag into a hip
adornment that will help make the environment a littler bit better." 



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