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Spending time in the hospital is difficult for patients, family and friends. Little Love Medical is here to make your stay as pleasant as possible by adding bursts of color and design to everyday hospital products. 

Little Love Medical promotes aesthetic healing by creating innovative products that improve everyday hospital devices. Little Love Medical launched January 2013 with IV Decals™ are the first product. IV Decals™ are the first ever decorative product for IV bags. Available for retail purchase online with wholesale opportunities.
​IV Decals™ are removable, decorative decals designed for the back of IV bags. IV Decals have been reviewed by the FDA and are safe to use. IV Decals come in 24 difference designs with the capacity to create custom designs / logos. 



A study at the Health & Sciences Center,

Univseristy of New Mexico added decorative designs

to medical devices and tested the effects they had

on patients of all ages and genders.


Their findings concluded that:


“Adding decorative designs or stickers to medical devices before a procedure significantly reduces aversion, fear, and anxiety, and may be especially

useful for needle-phobic patients.”


“It is likely that decoration of a medical device actually

is a neurophysiologic intervention, resulting in 

stimulationof brain areas not usually associated with

the fear, anxiety, and aversion responses caused by viewing medical devices.”


"Stress-reducing IV bags significantly reduced:
aversion by 83%, fear by 53%, & anxiety by 73% [in patients]"

-Department of internal Medicine,
University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center.



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