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Dear Community, Thank you for loving IV Decals as much as I do. Due to an overall lack of demand for them, I decided to dissolved the company. For your reference, I've added a tab on my website to show you how IV Decals are made should you want to make your own! There is nothing proprietary about them, they are just static cling stickers with my designs. You can find a local printer and print your own designs or use mine!

It has been a joy to see IV Decals bring light and joy to hospital rooms and care facilities all over the world! We need a little creativity in all corners of our lives.




Spending time in the hospital is difficult for patients, family and friends. Little Love Medical is here to make your stay as pleasant as possible by adding bursts of color and design to everyday hospital products.


Little Love Medical presents IV Decals as a creative and safe way to improve your IV bag! IV Decals are removable decorative decals designed for the back of your IV bag. Purchase IV Decals in our Online Store! For more information, visit our FAQ section.

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